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Garbaj 55

The Special 'Peace Creep' Issue issue of Garbaj was released in January 2014. It was a Bard-style micro-issue and featured a cover illustration (A Peace Creep) by Neal Wilgus.


  • 50 Shades of Corduroy by Ben Macnair
  • I made myself a snow leopard but the sun came out and I was left with a fluid ounce...
  • Does a dark avenger named Gotham stalk the shadows of Batman City in Turkey dispensing justice?
  • Latest Headlines and Frowns
  • Pal by Danny Tuohy
  • untitled poem by DS Davidson
  • As a practising nudist, Steve sometimes made mistakes such as leaving his vest on.
  • A Peace Creep by Neal Wilgus
  • The Big Dick Detective Agency by Roger Pattison
  • Fiddler on the Back by Peter Wild
  • The Budgie & The Budget by Keith Murdoch
  • Not To Go There Again by Pat Roffey
  • untitled epigram by Eric Ferris
  • Humpty Dumpty by Heather Buswell
  • If Osborne cuts much further, he'll cut his own throat...