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Garbaj 57

The Special 'Garbaj-themed' Issue issue of Garbaj was released in July 2014. It was a Bard-style micro-issue largely composed of poetry and featured a cover illustration by Eric Ferris.


  • Yew Tree by DS Davidson
  • Growing Pains (dialogue) by Robert Black
  • The Poetry Professor by Phil Knight
  • Nice Try by Neal Wilgus
  • Axle Grease by Anthony Ward
  • Thinktank by Gary W. Hartley
  • The Hunting of the Haggis by Malcolm Benson
  • Politicks by Anthony Ward
  • Theory Versus Reality by Gary W. Hartley
  • Antartique: From Incomptom's Pictured Cyclopedia and Factoid Index... 2791 ed. by David Edwards
  • I am a lapsed Jehovah's Witness ...
  • Dog Haiku by Eric Ferris
  • Did you hear about the couple covered in boils? ...
  • Do you know where your nose is?
  • Nude Headlines
  • Freedom by Tim Linton
  • untitled poem (The Cat In The Hat ...) by DS Davidson