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The Special 'New Year sames as the Old Year' Issue issue of Garbaj was released in January 2015. It was a Bard-style micro-issue largely composed of poetry and featured a cover illustration (Working Together To Increase Hatred) by DJ Tyrer.


A typo saw the issue's cover date given as January 2014. This appears to have gone unnoticed by everyone at the time, perhaps having been assumed to be a joke riffing off the issue title...


  • Guilt and Profit by DJ Tyrer
  • Bankers by Chris Andrews
  • Boo Who? by Neal Wilgus
  • The adult view of children is predicated upon two beliefs: i) that they should behave better than we did at their age and ii) that they behave worse than we did at their age. Neither of these beliefs are true.
  • Three things that never seemed to come to an end and ruined everything... The Hundred Years War / The Black Death / Tony Blair's Prime Ministership
  • Knock! Knock! / Who's there? / Jihadis! / Jihadis Who? / Jihadis who're going to ruin your day!
  • Nude Headlines
  • Five things you wouldn't find in the small print of an Air-freshener
  • Free Speech by DS Davidson
  • Crumpled Paper by Pat Roffey
  • Even Clint Eastwood Got Old Bones by Ben Macnair
  • Health and Safety by Phil Knight
  • Suspicion by Raymond Crispin
  • Big Brother N-Word Shocker
  • Languages by DJ Tyrer
  • Proficient by Danny Tuohy
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