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The special Special 'Brexit/No Brexit' Issue issue of Garbaj was released in December 2016 in the Bard-style format of later issues with a cover cartoon (First child refugees arrive in the UK) by DJ Tyrer.


External Content[]

  • Watch This Space by Pat Roffey
  • Fascinating Facts, Part 135
  • Loser by John Francis Haines
  • Snooze Headlines
  • Over The Border Over The Edge Over The Top by Vann Scytere
  • The End is Nigh by John Francis Haines
  • Trigger Warning
  • Shooting Civil Servants by DS Davidson

Internal Content[]

  • End Will It All? It When? by Neal Wilgus
  • Merry Christmas (The EU's Over) by DJ Tyrer
  • Cats Are Rubbish Pets by Phil Knight
  • It's A Dog's Life by Vann Scytere
  • Christmas Time Is Here by DJ Tyrer

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