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The special Special 'Trump and the Trumpettes' Issue issue of Garbaj was released in February 2017 in the Bard-style format of later issues with a cover cartoon showing an anti-Trump protestor (The March of Fascism, 2017) by DJ Tyrer.


External Content[]

  • The Griswolds to move into The White House by Ben Macnair
  • Millionaires arguing on Twitter, again by Ben Macnair
  • Cheer Up - It May Never Happen by John Francis Haines
  • With the furore Trump caused by banning the inhabitants of certain countries from the US, imagine the furore if a US President dropped bombs on them! Oh, wait...
  • Snooze Headlines
  • The March of Politics by Neal Wilgus
  • The Healthy Option by John Francis Haines
  • On Trend by DS Davidson

Internal Content[]

  • Inequality by Maeve Ryan
  • Burning Urge to Help by DJ Tyrer
  • Guttural Press by Robert Black
  • untitled clerihew by Ken Lovell
  • Hostage Haiku by Neal Wilgus
  • Bringing The Kurds Onboard by DJ Tyrer
  • Hostile Haiku by Neal Wilgus
  • untitled clerihew by Ken Lovell

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