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PDF and broadside series spun-off from the Garbaj banner.

Available for download.


Garbaj Presents... has its origin in a one-shot leaflet snappily entitled Garbaj Proudly Presents... Preparing For Things You Cannot Reasonably Expect To Prepare For Adequately (and that's only its short title) that was released with an issue of Garbaj in late 2012.

Seven years later, in October 2019, its spiritual sequel, Garbaj Presents... Deal or No Deal: Surviving Brexit, was released (the magazine itself having previously ceased publication after seventy issues).

Then, at the end of March 2020, the first of a new, primarily digital series was released.

Available Issues[]

  • Garbaj Presents... SuperTrump by DJ Tyrer
  • Garbaj Presents... A Wuhan Whodunnit by DJ Tyrer