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Giveout sheets are similar to broadsides, but simpler, being a single-sheet (usually single-sided) A4 publications intended to be viewed unfolded as a sheet. They often only contain one or two poems. They may or may not include artwork. As the name implies, they are intended to be given away, often as an example of the poet's work.

Marymark Press Giveout Sheets[]

Atlantean Publishing has reproduced and distributed a few poetry giveout sheets published by Mark Sonnenfeld's Marymark Press.

Missing Poster Giveout Sheet[]

Giveout sheet created by DJ Tyrer and distributed alongside magazines in January 2017. This giveout sheet is based upon a missing poster topped with a variety of ephemera that hint at an underlying mystery. It features the poem Fading and prose by DJ Tyrer, along with fragments of a poem by Robert Bridges, part of a landscape photograph by David Leverton, and photographs courtesy of


Although never explicitly stated, there are nods towards the Yellow Mythos (including the title of DJ's story Dark Stars & Steam); in particular, there are references to the Yellow Hornpoppy, the subject of Bridges' poem.

The disappearance occurred near Cley next the Sea and the woman was staying in Cley Windmill before she vanished (explaining certain obscure references in the text). The area is well-known to David Leverton, who took his photograph in the vicinity.

A story based upon the mystery is planned.

Deadly Eye Giveout Sheet[]

For details, see The Bards 41 from which it is derived.