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Grail Anthology advert

Original advertisement for The Grail Anthology, published in Monomyth 22

The original Grail Anthology is one of Atlantean Publishing's aborted publications, conceived at the tail of the 1990s by Ian O'Reilly (one of the founding editors of Monomyth, Atlantean's original magazine) as a decalogue of tales "concerned with the mystery of the Grail" in all its forms.

A full-page advertisement requesting contributions appeared in the 1998 Monomyth Yearbook (published c. December 1999), stating a planned publication date of "early 2000", so it would have ranked among the earliest spin-offs from the magazine had it come to fruition in this guise. However, Ian's disappearance around this time led to the barely-formed project slipping into limbo for nearly half a decade, before DJ Tyrer was able to pull together what could be salvaged from the abandoned concept into a successful new Grail anthology. Finally released in 2004, the latter's editorial ruefully noted that the original concept had seen so long a delay, and so many false starts, it had nearly equalled the Grail of legend itself as an object long-sought yet never actually to be found! The completed anthology has gone on to spawn two sequel volumes in The Grail Series.