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Grail 2 cover

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Grail 2 or Grail the Second is the second volume produced in Atlantean Publishing's cycle of anthologies known as The Grail Series. Edited by DJ Tyrer and published in 2006, it comprises 41 A4 pages collecting new tales on the broad theme of The Grail.

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  • Jumble Sale Grail by Cardinal Cox
  • Is Conveined Has Seen The Grail by Steve Sneyd
  • Post Prydein by Aeronwy Dafies
  • Guardians of the Grail by DJ Tyrer
  • Spoil Sought of Annwn by Steve Sneyd
  • The Prize by AR Leonard
  • Grail = Cup = Faith? by Joe Miller
  • Envied Of All Chieftains by Steve Sneyd
  • Peredur's Quest by Aeronwy Dafies
  • The Darkening of Lydney by Steve Sneyd
  • Doing It Without Lawyers by Steve Sneyd
  • Nearing The End by Aeronwy Dafies


  • Midwinter Mummery by Cardinal Cox