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Great War: Over By Christmas is the second in a series of A5 booklets containing fiction and poetry inspired by the First World War. It was published in December 2015. The cover art is by Christopher Catt James.

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  • Over By Christmas (prose) by DJ Tyrer
  • First of July, 1914, The Somme (poem) by Robert Ensor
  • By Christmas (poem) by DS Davidson
  • The Vicar of Hutton Roof (poem) by Maureen Anne Browne
  • The Soldier's Letter (poem) by P.J. Reed
  • Tabbachi (poem) by Paul Murphy
  • The Escape Plot (poem) by Clive Donovan
  • Blood Between The Moonlight (poem) by Matthew Wilson
  • untitled tanka (poem) by DJ Tyrer
  • Piper of the Trenches (poem) by Colin Ian Jeffery
  • untitled tanka (poem) by DJ Tyrer
  • Sorry To Inform You... (poem) by Maureen Anne Browne
  • Over The Top (poem) by Colin Ian Jeffery

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