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GGGG cover

The cover of the sole issue of 4G All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

The Green Goblin Games Gazette (a.k.a. 4G) was a one-off roleplaying fanzine, released in mid-2000 in an A4 format and edited by DJ Tyrer. As a concept, it was one of the earliest Atlantean Publishing side-projects intended to become distinct from Monomyth.

The title was planned to appear quarterly from January 2001; aside from its main focus on roleplaying (including articles, reviews, scenarios etc.), it would also have included gaming-related fiction, poetry and artwork, and covered the likes of board games, wargames, miniatures and 'Choose-Your-Own-Adventure'-style gamebooks too. In fact, its solitary edition – billed as an introductory "Issue Zero" – appeared in tandem with a short 'gamebook' in this style, The Tombs of Aghakhorr: both were bundled as free, removable supplements with volume 2.12 of Monomyth. This, though, turned out to be the final issue of the magazine released prior to its hiatus, a long period of uncertainty and repositioning – and one effect of this delay was that notions of a continuing run for '4G' fell by the wayside; it has not entered production beyond this opening gambit.


  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer – the editor also contributed descriptions of the Gazette's guidelines, future format and plans for inclusions.
  • Game Review: Rolemaster by Luke Newman
  • A Clash Of Symbols: The Cross And The Die (article) by DJ Tyrer


The issue includes a tantalising 'Coming Next' subsection, a short paragraph which, together with the 4G Guidelines, describes many of the contents of a never-to-be-seen Issue 1 and beyond. Considering that the series was destined to be aborted before reaching publication, this nevertheless goes into quite considerable detail, showing it was evidently rather thoroughly planned.