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Haiku and similar haikuform poetry by several poets, based on the venerable Japanese format famous for its brevity, has appeared in numerous Atlantean publications. Haikuforms include Senryu, Scifaiku (SF-themed haiku), horrorku (horror-themed haiku), and related forms such as Haibun and Renku.

Haiku Entries[]

Most haiku are grouped together by poet :

See also the Haiku category for haiku with individual entries.

Haiku Publications[]

Reissian Haiku[]

A description of this particular haikuform was given by Steve Sneyd in Awen 37. He explained that it had come in turn from the poet Ed Reiss, hence the adjective, and laid down a challenge to the readership to produce their own attempts, sparking a surge of interest in reissian haiku (in which haikuforms are written without letters with ascenders - such as d or b - or descenders - such as p or q). Eventually, the published reissian haiku and new examples were collected in the booklet above, which derived its title from the example reissian haiku that accompanied his explanation.