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Haiku by Aeronwy Dafies have appeared in issues of Tigershark ezine and the following publications:


Awen 78[]

  • an untitled haiku describing a sunset

Awen 83[]

  • an untitled haiku describing flooding and storms

Awen Online[]

Awen Online 11[]

  • four untitled haiku on the 'Forgotten Futures' theme - one of which was long-listed and another short-listed for the 2015 Data Dump Award.

Awen Online 12[]

  • three untitled haiku


Bard 129[]

  • an untitled haiku of love and life

Bard 130[]

Bard 131[]

  • an untitled haiku describing the then-current UK floods

Bard 135[]

  • Rainfall

Bard 138[]

  • untitled spiritual haiku

Bard 139[]

Bard 140[]

  • Butterfly (I)

Bard 141[]

  • Butterfly (II)

Bard 148[]

  • untitled haiku of loss.

Bard 149[]

  • untitled butterfly haiku

Bard 150[]

  • untitled ghostly haiku

Bard 151[]

  • untiled wintry haiku

Bard 152[]

  • untitled festive haiku

Bard 156[]

  • untitled sky haiku


Garbaj 54[]

  • Doctor Who At Fifty

Xmas Bards[]

Xmas Bards 6[]

  • two untitled festive haiku


A Tapestry of Stars[]

  • two untitled haiku
  • her two untitled Reissian haiku (reprinted from below)

Caucasus carcass[]

  • two untitled Reissian haiku

Mars: Poetry and Fiction from the Red Planet[]

  • untitled Martian haiku

The Vegetable Archdeacon[]

  • untitled "spider in the bath" humorous haiku