DS Davidson has written the occasional haiku and reissian haiku.

Published HaikuEdit


Awen 73Edit

  • untitled Christmas haiku.

Awen 76Edit

  • untitled haiku about sarcasm.

Awen 81Edit

Awen 82Edit

  • untitled Cthulhu haiku.
  • untitled Dalek haiku.
  • untitled topical haiku.

Awen 85Edit

  • Ratings War
  • For You

Awen 87 Edit

  • untitled St. Valentine's Day massacre

Awen OnlineEdit

Awen Online 11Edit

  • untitled haiku about an alternative planet Venus

Awen Online 12

  • untitled haiku about knights


Bard 114Edit

  • untitled temporal haiku

Bard 124Edit

  • Rejection

Bard 125Edit

Bard 128Edit

  • Childhood Haiku

Bard 130Edit

  • Christmas Bleatings

Bard 134Edit

  • Star Fighter

Bard 139Edit

  • Thoughtful

Bard 140 Edit

  • Gaza

Bard 149 Edit

  • untitled haiku on Greek economy

Bard 154 Edit

  • untitled haiku on insomnia


Garbaj 50Edit

  • untitled political haiku

Garbaj 52Edit

Garbaj 53Edit

  • untitled psychic haiku

Garbaj 65 Edit

  • untitled haiku on Cameron, Syria and a Christmas Pudding
  • untitled haiku on Putin and Turkey

Xothic Sathlattae Edit

The Eleventh Sathlatta Edit

  • three untitled haiku

Yellow Leaves Edit

Yellow Leaves 04 Edit

  • Living God Haiku
  • Hali Haiku

Yellow Leaves 09 Edit

Poetry BookletsEdit

Angst Edit

  • untitled haiku

Final Arrangements Edit

  • two untitled horror haiku

Great War: To End All Wars? Edit

  • untitled backcover haiku

The Poetaster's Response Edit

Winter WordsEdit

Witching Hour Edit

  • untitled horroku
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