DJ Tyrer has written a large number of haiku , many of them collected in The Atlantean.

Haiku In Atlantean publicationsEdit


Awen 69Edit

  • Two haiku about Poe

Awen 70Edit

  • untitled haiku about rain and drought

Awen 71Edit

  • untitled haiku

Awen 72Edit

Awen 73Edit

  • Winter

Awen 76Edit

Awen 78Edit

  • untitled haiky lamenting the deaths of small press stalwarts (later republished in Bard 145)
  • untitled haiku about space travel

Awen 80Edit

  • untitled haiku celebrating eighty issues of Awen

Awen 81Edit

  • untitled haiku about haiku

Awen 83Edit

  • Drowning Haiku

Awen 84Edit

  • Untitled cataclysmic haiku
  • Untitled Yellow haiku (later republished in Cyaegha 13)
  • Untitled haiku about writing haiku

Awen 85

  • Faunus

Awen OnlineEdit

Awen Online 11Edit

  • untitled haiku about automata


Bard 115Edit

  • Cat Haiku

Bard 118Edit

  • Wet June

Bard 127Edit

  • untitled haiku celebrating the form itself

Bard 137Edit

  • untitled haiku meditating on evil

Bard 138Edit

  • Calm

Bard 144 Edit

  • untitled haiku on resting on a winter's morning

Bard 145 Edit

  • untitled haiku lamenting the deaths of small press stalwarts (reprinted from Awen 78).

Bard 148 Edit

  • untitled haiku of remembrance.

Bard 150 Edit

  • untitled SF haiku

Bard 152 Edit

  • untitled festive haiku

Bard 153 Edit

  • untitled winter haiku

Bard 154 Edit

  • untitled witching hour haiku

Bard 156 Edit

  • untitled lunar haiku

The Supplement Edit

The Supplement 72 Edit

  • untitled sf haiku.

Poetry BookletsEdit

A Broken Mind Edit

  • two untitled haiku

Angst Edit

  • three untitled haiku

Car Door Sans Car Edit

  • untitled haiku

Cast a Curse Edit

  • untitled witch curse haiku

Chapel of Ease Edit

  • Amityville Haiku

Danse MacabreEdit

  • untitled vampire haiku

The Dark Tower Volume 4: A Skull of DoomEdit

  • two untitled haiku

Final Arrangements Edit

  • untitled childhood horror haiku

Great War: 1914-2014 Edit

  • untitled Great War haiku

Great War: Over By Christmas Edit

  • untitled festive Great War haiku

Great War: To End All Wars? Edit

  • untitled Great War haiku

Witching Hour

  • untitled horrorku

Xmas Bards Edit

Xmas Bards 5 Edit

Xmas Bards 7 Edit

  • Six festive haiku

Xmas Bards 9 Edit

  • One festive haiku

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