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Ian Redman has now inflicted enough stories upon the universe: having been an editor for over a decade he would like to think he can recognise good writing – it just isn't his own! During the late 1990s he published the small press magazine Zest: A Zest for Science Fiction for 2 and a bit years, as well as the newsletter Mirage containing details and reviews of numerous publications from across the small presses, plus a one-off SF poetry anthology, A Ship To Nowhere. Around the same time he contributed several stories to Monomyth. SInce 2003 he has been publishing science fiction magazine Jupiter (, which will soon hit its 40th quarterly issue.

Appearances in Atlantean Publications[]


Monomyth 13[]

  • Invasion

Monomyth 14[]

  • Asteroid

Monomyth 21[]

  • A Ship In Orbit

Monomyth 22[]

  • Aspire

Monomyth 24[]

  • Victory?