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Doctor Who story by DJ Tyrer in which The Doctor meets the Death of the Discworld in the Immortals' Repose. Published in Monomyth 19.


Death is having a break between jobs at the Immortals' Repose, where he encounters the 1st Doctor and they begin to chat idly. Discovering that both of them have a granddaughter named Susan moves the conversation onto their feelings about their growing estrangement with them and helps them to come to terms with letting their respective Susans go.


  • The reporter/author that the Doctor mentions is, of course, Terry Pratchett.
  • A number of powerful beings are in the bar : Laxt is arguing about the merit of logic with someone with an owl on their shoulder, Zarquon and Cayin are discussing the Krikkit Wars, and Woden, Metatron and Asmodeus can be seen.