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James Bond in Golden Idol

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James Bond in... Golden Idol is an A5 booklet containing the story of the same title by DJ Tyrer, in which Agent 007 meets cosmic horror, Lovecraft-style. It was published in October 2014, as a sequel to the same author's earlier pastiche James Bond & The Giant Peach, with cover art once again by Christopher Catt James.

James Bond should have known there was more at stake than just the usual world-domination schemes when he is sent by MI6 to foil an online gambling tycoon who has stolen an ancient Mesopotamian statuette from the British Museum. Nephren-Ka might have found his weakness – quite apart from the usual oddball henchmen and nubile but deadly ladies with single-entendre names, Bond discovers he is up to his neck in eldritch abominations. Faced with the prospect of reality being ripped open by tentacled ooglies from another plane of existence, 007 must save the world armed with only his wits, a paperweight, a small jar of dust and a dwindling supply of one-liners. Oh, and some minty fresh dental floss.

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