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James Bond in... Quantum of Something is an A5 booklet containing the story of the same title by DJ Tyrer, in which Agent 007 has to deal with EU agent, Doctor Yes. It was published in October 2015, as a sequel to the same author's earlier pastiches James Bond & The Giant Peach and James Bond in... Golden Idol with cover art once again by Christopher Catt James.

The booklet also contains the poem Bond, James Bond.

The future of Britain hangs in the balance - can James Bond ensure its liberty? Somebody is subjecting the UK to pro-EU broadcasts and, with M convined he's a stoker (sorry, chief stoker) and reading Monomyth in a blatant act of product placement, only Bond can ensure a fair referendum.

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Bond's regeneration, his sonic-screwdriver-like watch and the reversal of the polarity of the neutron flow are all, of course, references to Doctor Who and M reading Monomyth is a reference to the debates over product placement that always dog new Bond films.