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Jan Oskar Hansen is a poet, storyteller and seafarer, born in Stavanger, Norway. He joined the merchant navy at 15 and spent most of his life at sea until settling in the early 90's in Portugal. He is widely read and fluent in several languages, knowledge often acquired at night during his many years at sea. He chose to write primarily in English following enthusiastic reception of his work from English-speaking editors and readers.

His poetry has been widely published in hard-copy and online, worldwide. Reviewers have generally commented that a love and honouring of living things stands out in Hansen's work, and deep humility; that it reveals with unflinching honesty man's shortcomings in his efforts to love, telling what there is to tell in a first person, deeply resident universal voice. His poems have been published in over 20 literary magazines worldwide, including:

  • Hudson Review, USA
  • Skyline, USA
  • Skald, Wales
  • La rue Bella, England
  • The Black Mountain Review, Ireland
  • ARS Poetica India, India
  • Metvere Muse, India
  • Poets International, India
  • Braquemard, England
  • Firefly Magazine, USA
  • Pphoo, India
  • Taj Mahal Review, India
  • Remark Magazine, USA
  • Journal Of Anglo-Scandiavian Poetry, England.

He has made numerous appearances in Atlantean Publishing titles (sometimes mistakenly credited as 'Jan Oscar Hansen') over several years, including:


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