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Prolific small-press poet and author, the man behind Photon Press and, once, editor of his eponymous List of small-press publications.His many publications can be ordered direct from Photon Press or via Waterstones and Amazon.

Many of his stories feature the character Hugo Lacklan.


Data Dump Award[]

  • His poem Crystal Cosmos was long-listed for the 2016 Data Dump Award.
  • His poems Is The Universe Flawed? and Sci-Fie, Foe, Fum were respectively short-listed and long-listed for the 2014 Data Dump Award.
  • His poem Kiss was long-listed for the 2009 Data Dump Award.

Appearances in Atlantean Publications[]


Awen 74[]

Awen 82[]

Bard 127[]

Bard 151[]

  • Rim Rider

Bard 153[]

  • Poem found in a letter from John Mingay

The Dark Tower Volume 4: A Skull of Doom[]

  • Respite

Lunar Module[]

The Vegetable Archdeacon[]

  • Plea To A Glamorous Flautist
  • The Lonely Sock
  • Conversation Pieces

Garbaj 53[]

  • Happy Medium
  • Is The Universe Flawed?
  • Sci-Fie, Foe, Fum

Garbaj 54[]

  • Uni-Verse


Monomyth 54[]

Monomyth 57[]

Non-Fiction Articles[]

The Supplement 61[]


John has contributed artwork to several issues of Bard, as well as Yellow Leaves 10, and A Breedon District Miscellany.

Publications Reviewed in Atlantean Publications[]

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