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Just A Few More Words is a booklet of prose poetry by Coco. It was released in February 2015. It was a follow-up to Just Words. It has front and rear cover photographs of Coco by Dennis H. Powell (the front photorgraph is actually an enlarged detail of the rear photograph).

Available to order.


  • Welcome, 2015!
  • Surprise
  • A Journey To Remember
  • My Poems
  • Went to a 'gig' riding my 'supercharged' rig
  • Not Another M.O.T.?!
  • M.O.T.
  • Breathless
  • When?
  • 'PPI'?!
  • 'Yaba' - 'Jaba' - 'Ooh'!!
  • Am I
  • Or Is It?
  • My Friend
  • Hindsight
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Splash
  • Gorgeous Pimpernel
  • Ooh Nice! (rear cover)