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Ken Longman is a paranormal investigator created by Richard Burman and DJ Tyrer, and one of the earliest notable characters within Atlantean Publications' original magazine, Monomyth. His published exploits, The Longman Files, include in publication order:

His Writing[]

In-character, Ken Longman wrote about many of his experiences and about his research, for magazines and in book form. An example of the latter is Doorways of Disappearance, which is mentioned in Of Plots And Conspiracies and Once Under Seven Moons..., along with volumes by his colleagues.


  • Chronologically, The Yorkshire Terror is the first adventure.
  • The title Doorways of Disappearance, and those of other books attributed to Ken and his colleagues, were taken from the Doctor Who book The History of the Universe, where they were given as the titles of sources consulted in-universe.
  • Tim Smith is his investigative partner.
  • A significantly longer series of Longman Files was written by DJ Tyrer, but never published, and, for reasons long forgotten, he did not become a more frequent recurring character within the pages of Monomyth. The eventual aim is to rework the stories into a series of novels.
  • Longman has a connection to Cassandra Leighton, and Laxt was a primary foe.
  • His VW Beetle is briefly spotted in The Hounds of Lust.
  • He and Tim briefly appear at the end of Don't Finish It!