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Here you will find the most recent releases from Atlantean Publishing, from the latest issues of our regular 'zines to new poetry booklets, broadsides, anthologies and more! See also ordering and prices details, and for more information about the process of ordering from Atlantean, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

December 2019

Yellow Leaves 11

Yellow Mythos poetry from DJ Tyrer.

The Twelfth Sathlatta

Antedeluvian poetry from DJ Tyrer.

November 2019

Xmas Bards 9

Darkly-humourous poetry from DJ Tyrer.

Codex Kaiju

A scifaiku sequence from Cardinal Cox.

The Bards 44

Poetry from David Norris-Kay (Dave Austin).

Monomyth 19.3

Including snow-filled fiction from Christopher Hivner and Douglas Kolacki.

October 2019

Culinary You

A poetic taste of Hallowe'en...

Deal or No Deal: Surviving Brexit

DS Davidson gives the lowdown on what will happen if Brexit actually happens...

September 2019

Cosmic Decadent

Decadent, symbolist and aesthetic poetry with a hint of Clark Ashton Smith.

August 2019

The Bards 42 and 43

After a hiatus, The Bards returns with collections of poetry by K.A. Opperman and Ashley Dioses.

Car Door Sans Car

Nonsense verse from Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Clive Donovan, Si Fox, DJ Tyrer, and Don Webb.

July 2019

Lunar Module

Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the moonlanding with poetry from DS Davidson, John Francis Haines, Mark Hudson, John Light, DJ Tyrer, and Neal Wilgus.

Bard 184

Poetry from Nick Armbrister, Ed Blundell, DS Davidson, Christine Despardes, Clive Donovan, Bryn Fortey, John Francis Haines, David M. Hoenig, Clin Ian Jeffery, Frederick J. Mayer, Margaret Saine, DJ Tyrer, and Neal Wilgus.

June 2019

The Dark Tower, Volume Seven: The Fallen Tower

A new volume in the Dark Tower series.

Bard 183

Poetry from Paula Brown, Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, John Francis Haines, Keith Murdoch, Lyndon Perry, Ute Margaret Saine, Michael Seeger, Jane Stuart, DJ Tyrer, and Neal Wilgus.

December 2018

Xmas Bards 8

Festive poetry from the pen of Joyce Walker.

Christmas Chillers VI

A pair of frightfully-funny festive tales by DS Davidson and DJ Tyrer.

The Book of Nevermore

A new Buxton University Press volume by DS Davidson.

October 2018

Great War: To End All Wars?

The fifth and final volume in the poetry booklet series.

Witching Hour

A selection of frightful poetry for Hallowe'en...

August 2018

Ivory & Rose Leaves

A selection of decadent, aesthetic and symbolist verse...

Infernal Stars & Other Poems

A celebration of Clark Ashton Smith, from Averoigne to Zothique

June 2018

What's available from Atlantean Publishing
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