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Contributor. Author of Slave Of Unkind Gods and Where Dead Things Dance.

Appearances In Atlantean Publications[]


Christmas Chillers II[]

Christmas Chillers III[]

Christmas Chillers IV[]

Christmas Chillers V[]


A Broken Mind[]

  • Cold Companions

Cast a Curse[]

  • Night of Monsters
  • After the War
  • Disturber of Dead Places

Culinary You[]

  • Poisoned Pumpkins

Great War: Over By Christmas[]

  • Blood Between The Moonlight

Great War: To End All Wars?[]

  • Lessons Never Learnt

Mars: Poetry and Fiction from the Red Planet[]

  • King of Red Mountain

Witching Hour[]

  • The Witch's Curse
  • Woods of Evil Women
  • Survivors of Hansel and Gretel

Monomyth 62[]

  • Sweet Songs of Sirens
  • Death of Troy