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Monomirth was a series of humorous cartoons by DJ Tyrer running from the 1997 Yearbook (Monomyth 11) through to volume 3.2 (fifteen issues in total), as well as, during the hiatus, appearing in The Monomyth Supplement and Garbaj. A final, sixteenth instalment appeared in volume 4.1. Shortly before the main pre-hiatus series ended, Richard Burman also contributed cartoons (in Monomyth 22 and Monomyth 23) under the Monomirth banner.

The series (alongside Doctor Who Top Ten and Discworld Top Ten by DS Davidson) can be seen as prefiguring Garbaj. Later cartoons by DJ Tyrer also appeared in Garbaj, but were no longer designated Monomirth for obvious reasons.

Monomirth By Issue[]

Monomyth 11[]

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Monomyth 17[]

Monomyth 18[]

Monomyth 19[]

Monomyth 20[]

Monomyth 21[]

Monomyth 22[]

Monomyth 23[]

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Monomyth 28[]

  • Exercising Evil Spirits (depicting a ghost skipping)