Monomyth Issue 10 (Number 10)Edit

The tenth issue of Monomyth was published in September 1997 and featured a cover by DJ Tyrer (illustrating his story Veteran X in this issue).

List of contentsEdit


  • This issue was the last where the issue number featured on the cover was the same as its actual position in the publication sequence, as it was followed by the first of two Yearbooks that have retrospectively upset the numbering for the subsequent issues, since they are now considered part of the same single sequence, though were not at the time.
  • This issue would also have been published at around the time the Founding Editors decamped to university. Although it had always been intended to have a month's gap between the tenth issue of each year and December's Yearbook, the fact that issue one had been published at the end of 1996 yet counted toward 1997's total meant the magazine was effectively running one month ahead of the required pace (for the first and only time!) come September, meaning there was an additional month's gap before the first Yearbook; this, the next issue, was not to appear until the team returned to Southend in the Christmas holidays.
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