Monomyth Issue 13 (Number 12)Edit

The thirteenth issue of Monomyth is believed to have been published in March 1998 (the intended date, due to the skipping of a February issue), although this is uncertain as it is around this point that issues began to run late. Although the cover called it "Issue 12", it was in fact the thirteenth total issue including the first Yearbook and was later redesignated as volume 2.2. This issue had a cover by Ian O'Reilly (shown right).

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Themed Section : Dark PossibilitiesEdit

The VortexEdit


  • The Vortex filled out this issue with the first Doctor Who story not written by DJ Tyrer (surprisingly it wasn't by Richard Burman, the biggest fan out of the Founding Editors!) and the first of Richard's Who-Reviews.
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