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Monomyth Issue 14 (Number 13)[]


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The fourteenth issue of Monomyth (at the time numbered 13) was published in July 1998, three months late, as the issues began to arrive some way later than scheduled. It featured a cover by Richard Burman.

List of contents[]

Regular Section[]

Themed Section : Survival[]

  • The Pilot of Utopia by Ian O'Reilly
  • Asteroid by Ian Redman
  • The Last Whale by DJ Tyrer
  • The Secret Agent by Peter Tennant
  • Kingdom, part 3 by Simon Birch
  • Age of War by Ian O'Reilly
  • God Bless America by DJ Tyrer
  • Were by Simon Birch
  • Love Song, part 2 by Robert Neilson

The Vortex[]

  • X Till Doomsday, part 2 by DJ Tyrer
  • Who-Reviews by Richard Burman
  • Who Vote Details
  • Future Legacies, part two by Ian O'Reilly
  • Monomirth by DJ Tyrer (not technically part of this section, but concluding the issue)


  • Given that this issue seems to have been the first to really begin to slip from the schedule, marking the beginning of the problems that would bring about the hiatus, it is rather apt that its theme should be Survival!
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