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Monomyth Issue 15 (Number 14)[]


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The fifteenth issue of Monomyth (designated 14 at the time) was released around August 1998 or later, several months late. It featured a memorable cover by Ian O'Reilly.

List of contents[]

Regular Section[]

Themed Section : Poetry and Song[]

  • The Roleplay Song by DJ Tyrer
  • Listening To Yesterday's Heroes by Ian O'Reilly
  • At Igor's Carpentry Shop by William P Robertson
  • Swan Child by Nancy Bennett
  • I Choke Because I Breathe by Steve Sneyd
  • The Requiem by Richard Reeve
  • The Pendant of the Mad God by DJ Tyrer
  • Kite In Orion by Cardinal Cox
  • Remains Not To Be Seen by Estelle McLachlan
  • Across The Fen and Far Off Glen by William P Robertson
  • Cat by Ian O'Reilly
  • Blood Sea Breeze by DJ Tyrer
  • Dream of the Manifold by Steve Sneyd
  • The Fairy Dwellers of the Tor by Richard Burman
  • Blues For Sarah by Robert Neilson
  • All That Glistens, part 1 (with Demon Illustration) by David Leverton

The Vortex[]

  • Who-Reviews by Richard Burman
  • Doctor Who Top Ten by DS Davidson
  • Future Legacies, part 3 by Ian O'Reilly
  • Lazy Afternoon by Richard Burman
  • All Teeth And Curls (with illustration) by Richard Burman
  • The Riddle of the Sphinx, part 1 by DJ Tyrer

Concluding Section[]


  • This is both the first issue to have a significant number of internal illustrations (three by Ian O'Reilly, one by David Leverton and one by Richard Burman, in addition to the Monomirth cartoons) and the first to include a large number of poems, a precursor to both post-hiatus issues of the magazine and Atlantean Publishing's later trend towards poetry.
  • Paul Pinn – author of Prelude, published two issues earlier – was the first ever person to write a letter to the editor, beginning a trend that continues vigorously in each issue of The Supplement!
  • This issue marks the first time Steve Sneyd, Cardinal Cox, David Leverton and DS Davidson contributed to an Atlantean publication.
  • All Teeth And Curls is an accompanying article to Doctor Who story Lazy Afternoon, which featured the Fourth Doctor.
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