Monomyth Issue 16 (Number 15)Edit

The sixteenth issue of Monomyth (designated as issue 15 at the time) was released several months late around September 1998. It featured a cover by Richard Burman, illustrating his story The Grey Claw within.

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  • Betting On Heaven's co-authors Gordon Lewis and DF Lewis are father and son, a unique occurrence in Atlantean's contributor history.
  • Ashbydon Hall convinced some people that it must be a genuine report into investigations at a haunted house (it was based on aspects of several real cases).
  • Time's Champion? is an article about the Seventh Doctor accompanying the story Tranquility.
  • [The] Riddle of the Sphinx here lost its definite article both on the contents page and above the story itself, though this had been present in the title in the previous issue.
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