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Monomyth Issue 17 (Number 16)[]


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The seventeenth issue of Monomyth (designated issue 16 at the time) was released around November 1998, several months late. It featured a cover by DJ Tyrer, illustrating his story in the themed section of this issue.

List of contents[]

Regular Section[]

Themed Section : Life[]

  • Windows of Opportunity by Peter Tennant
  • Our Man by Richard Reeve
  • All That Glistens, part 3 by David Leverton
  • Breaking Down by Ian O'Reilly
  • Genethief by DJ Tyrer
  • An Eternity of Boredom by Richard Reeve
  • A Nice Day For It! by Pamela Stuart
  • HG Wells Through Others Eyes [sic] by Richard Reeve

The Vortex[]


  • In editor DJ Tyrer's estimation, definitely the worst cover ever due to his self-professed inability to draw people – though he does still like the appearance of the Genethief itself!
  • This issue was the last of the second full year (1998) of Monomyth to actually appear in that calendar year: the remaining four issues and Yearbook all went out during 1999, despite retaining their 1998 cover dates – because, at this time, the artists were given the blank cover (with number and date already printed on it) to draw onto, which would later be photocopied, rather than them supplying a picture to be scanned in and added to the cover.
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