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Monomyth Issue 20 (Number 19)[]


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The twentieth issue of Monomyth (designated issue 19 at the time) was published in early August 1999, getting on towards a year late. It featured a cover by David Leverton (Infernal Love).


List of contents[]

Regular Section[]

  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer
  • Letters To The Editor by Richard Reeve and Peter Tennant
  • Haiku by Richard Reeve
  • Bob's Quest, part 3 by DJ Tyrer
  • Tulpa, part 1 by Paul Williams
  • Sleeper, part 6 by Richard Burman
  • Reviews by DJ Tyrer

Themed Section : Horror[]

  • Gotterdammerung by Ian O'Reilly
  • Don't Finish It! by DJ Tyrer
  • The Empty Man by Dirk Holland
  • Artwork by DJ Tyrer
  • The Island of the Dead by John B Ford
  • The Big Top by DJ Tyrer
  • Monsters by Richard Reeve
  • The Devils From New Jersey by DS Davidson
  • The Deeps of Night, part 3 by David Leverton

The Vortex[]

  • Time's Turning by DJ Tyrer
  • Who-Reviews by Richard Burman
  • Doctor Through The Looking Glass by DJ Tyrer

Concluding Section[]


  • Although David Leverton had by this point had two three-part stories published in Monomyth (the latter of which concluded in this very issue), these had been printed in the themed sections of their issues rather than the regular section and were not officially considered serials. Paul Williams' Tulpa was therefore the first 'official' serial by someone who wasn't a Founding Editor.
  • Don't Finish It! could just as easily have fitted into the previous issue by virtue of being comedic horror.
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