Monomyth Issue 22 (Yearbook 1998)Edit

The twenty-second issue of Monomyth was supposed to be the 1998 Yearbook but was in real life a whole year late, arriving in about December 1999. It featured a cover by Richard Burman.

List of contentsEdit

The VortexEdit

Not technically part of The Vortex:


  • Out of the Velvet Womb was the first poem by AC Evans to appear in an Atlantean publication.
  • The above release date given for this issue is at least approximately correct, though in his dating of Out of the Velvet Womb's publication upon its anthology appearance some years later in Fractured Moods, Volume One: Haunted Astral, AC Evans suggested a 2001 date. However, this does not tally with the following issue having been incontrovertibly released in mid-2000!
  • The Iskraberg Alternative occurs in the same world (Veldrot) as Bob's Quest.
  • This is the first of two issues where Richard Burman contributed cartoons to Monomirth.
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