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Monomyth Issue 23 (Number 21)[]


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The twenty-third issue of Monomyth was published in July 2000, the culmination of Atlantean Publishing's schedule slippage at a full year and a half late. It featured a cover by David Leverton. It is the longest-ever issue, and was the last to be released prior to the 29-month long Hiatus.


Originally, this was issue 21. With the relaunch it was considered to be issue 23 (incorporating the two Yearbooks), number 21 (by cover numbering) or volume 2.12. As it was intended to represent the beginning of the third year of Monomyth, it should really have been volume 3.1, but the absence of any further issues in the nominal year meant it was added on to the preceding run.


  • The cover references the issue's theme of Games with a deadly game of hide-and-seek around the Monomyth Monolith.
  • This issue is the last time a lone issue number or a publication date has appeared on the cover.

List of contents[]

Regular Section[]

  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer
  • Electric Legacy, part 1 by DJ Tyrer
  • Monologue by DJ Tyrer
  • Tulpa, part 4 by Paul Williams
  • A Bluffer's Guide To Monomirth by DJ Tyrer
  • The Keh-la-la-la-la-la-lee-lee Trilogy, part 2 : Carry On Down The Continent (with illustration) by DJ Tyrer (with David Leverton, Darrel Mason, Richard Burman and Jo Hodgson)
  • Letters To The Editors by Richard Reeve, Michael Pendragon and Mark West
  • Reviews by DJ Tyrer
  • Photographs of Padme Amidala
  • Reviews by Richard Burman

Themed Section : Games[]

  • Ten Second Revenge by Ron Unsworth
  • The Chessboard by DS Davidson
  • Games We Play by DJ Tyrer
  • Whodunnit? by Dirk Holland
  • April Artistry by Estelle McLachlan
  • Chessboards of Fate : A Vignette (with illustration) by DS Davidson
  • Betting Sixpence (with illustration) by DJ Tyrer
  • Red In Tooth And Nail by Richard Reeve
  • Gambling Man by DS Davidson

The Vortex[]

  • Who-Reviews by Richard Burman
  • The Nth Season, part 1: The Grange (with illustration) by DJ Tyrer
  • Monomirth by Richard Burman and DJ Tyrer (not technically part of this section)

The Tombs of Aghakhorr[]

  • A choose-your-own-adventure (with cover illustration) by DJ Tyrer

Green Goblin Games Gazette[]


  • Due to the long hiatus, the first part of the serial Electric Legacy was reprinted in the following issue alongside part two, avoiding leaving a 2 ½-year gap between instalments.
  • The Grange was the first story in the loosely-linked Nth Season, which also continued after the relaunch, although this tale did not see an equivalent reprint.
  • This is the second and final issue in which Richard Burman contributed cartoons to Monomirth.
  • The Tombs of Aghakorr and the lone Green Goblin Games Gazette are the only instances in which a separate publication has been bound with an issue of Monomyth; both coincidentally came packaged with this same issue, adjacent to each other at the back of the regular magazine.
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