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Monomyth Issue 26 (Number 24) / Volume 3.3[]


All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Released in July 2003, with a cover by Edwin Page.

List of contents[]

  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer
  • Our Grandaughter by Elaine Day
  • Electric Legacy, part 4 (with illustration) by DJ Tyrer
  • Slops by Neil K. Henderson
  • One Careful Owner by Pamela Stuart
  • A Soul's Insurance by DF Lewis and Gordon Lewis
  • Featured Poet : Elaine Day
    • The Postman Calls
    • Summer Storms
    • Rocket Summer
    • Mischief
    • Low In The Grave
    • A Doctor's Lot
  • Head-hunting For Hopkinson by Neil K. Henderson
  • Problem Family by Pamela Stuart
  • A Futile Gesture by Jon Kirk
  • The Nth Season, part 4: The Broken Seal (with illustrations) by DJ Tyrer
  • Artwork by AC Evans
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