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Monomyth Issue 34 (Number 32) / Volume 5.2[]


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Released in April 2005 with a cover by Dave Migman.

List of contents[]

  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer
  • Fiorenze, part 2 by DJ Tyrer
  • Artwork by Eddie Harriman
  • Tommy's Tale by Daniel B. Fernie
  • A Present From Procyon by Nicola Caines
  • Sleeping Room by Joe Miller
  • Virtually Friends by Chris Paul
  • Artwork by AC Evans
  • Crossing Over by Ceri Jordan
  • The Hypnotist's Gaze by Paul Kane
  • Artwork by Edwin Page
  • Susan's Story by Paula Bottle
  • Artwork by Edwin Page
  • Key of Heaven by DJ Tyrer
  • My Father's Gun by Edwin Page


  • Joe Miller's story in this issue was erroneously titled The Sleeping Room in print.
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