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Monomyth Issue 36 (Number 34) / Volume 5.4[]


All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Released in October 2005 with a cover by Dave Migman.

List of contents[]

  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer
  • Fiorenze, part 4 by DJ Tyrer
  • A Man In A Hole (with illustration) by Mark Tunik
  • False Pride by Mark Tunik
  • A Nightingale's Song by Mark Tunik
  • A Fox Had A Dream by Mark Tunik
  • Artwork by Dave Migman
  • Arcadian Gateway by DJ Tyrer
  • Mummy's Boy by Jacqueline Anita Zacharias
  • Artwork by Cory Harding
  • "Confessions" Updated by Paul Newman
  • Artwork by Cory Harding
  • Mother-in-Law by Mike Hoy
  • Hot Crime by Paul Williams
  • Artwork by AC Evans
  • The Coolsleep Corporation by Ash Miller
  • The Cathedral of the Isles by Evelyn King
  • Orfeo Manor by DJ Tyrer
  • Artwork by AC Evans
  • Sleeping Room by Joe Miller
  • The Splendid Stags by Thomas Land
  • The Light Darkness (taster) by DS Davidson


  • Although there would be one more serial the following year, this was the final issue to include an instalment of a serial by one of the editorial team.
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