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Monomyth Issue 37 / Volume 6.1[]


All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Released in February 2006 with a cover by Alan Hunter.


  • This issue was out a month later than planned.
  • This issue saw the 'Number' tally dropped from the cover, leaving just Volume and Issue designators.

List of contents[]

  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer
  • Two cartoons by Alexey Talimonov
  • Charm by DJ Tyrer (with illustration by Ian O'Reilly)
  • They Plough The Green Seas, part 1 by Angela Morkos
  • Artwork by AC Evans
  • Captain Scott (Was From Yorkshire) by Paul Gray
  • Unfinished Business by Evelyn King
  • Artwork by AC Evans
  • Noontime Shadow by DJ Tyrer
  • Cartoon by Alexey Talimonov
  • The Haunting of Sammy Bishop by Robert Dando
  • Along Came Yesterday by Vincent Lynch
  • Artwork by AC Evans
  • Cartoon by Alexey Talimonov
  • The Stonemason's Wife by Thomas Land
  • Artwork by Dave Migman
  • Artwork by Ian O'Reilly
  • Inquisitors by Robert Dando
  • My People by Bryn Fortey
  • Cartoon by Alexey Talimonov
  • Lucinda by Evelyn King
  • Blind Justice by Mike Hoy
  • Artwork by AC Evans
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