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Monomyth Issue 38 / Volume 6.2[]


All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Released in April 2006 with a cover by Dave Migman.

List of contents[]

  • Great White Wanderer by John Jones
  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer
  • Collage by Eddie Harriman
  • Cartoon by Alexey Talimonov
  • Six Haiku by DJ Tyrer
  • Artwork by Angela Morkos
  • They Plough The Green Seas, part 2 by Angela Morkos
  • Artwork by Chris James
  • The Mysterious Mirror by Susan Hanstock
  • Collage by Eddie Harriman
  • Old Rusty & Sweet Sally by Bruce Adkins
  • Pretend Friend (with illustration) by John Jones
  • Freedom And Emptiness by Robin Lindsay Wilson
  • Forgiving The Wrong Person by Robin Lindsay Wilson
  • Cartoon by Alexey Talimonov
  • David Hockney's Dark Glasses by Robin Lindsay Wilson
  • Artwork by Dave Migman
  • Semiology by Ken Champion
  • Cartoon by Alexey Talimonov
  • The Self-King by Glynn Edgar Symonds
  • Artwork by AC Evans
  • They Called Him Streamline... by Bruce Adkins
  • Two Cartoons by Alexey Talimonov
  • The Perfect Haiku by Neal Wilgus
  • Artwork by Bill West
  • Dreams of the Orient by Aeronwy Dafies
  • Mystic Movements by Aeronwy Dafies
  • The Day of the Davidians by Neil K. Henderson


  • One of only two issues in which the inside front cover has included content (in this case, John Jones' wonderful shark picture).
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