Monomyth Issue 50 / Volume 11.2Edit

Released in November 2011 with a celebratory anniversary cover (a digital 'collage' of past covers) by David Leverton.


  • This was not only Monomyth's fiftieth issue, it was released in time for the magazine's (and hence Atlantean Publishing's) fifteenth anniversary.
  • The printed copies of the cover utilise a one-off anniversary variant of the Monomyth logo:
    MM name logo & anniversary dates 2

List of contentsEdit


  • City of Shadows and Dust was placed shared-third in the 2012 Data Dump Award.
  • Vikki Verso was reprinted due to the presence of its prequel, Scrowle's Papers.
  • Pentacle, previously published as a five-part serial, appears here as a complete story.
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