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Subtitled: The latest evidence for the Cthulhu Myth Cycle. Published under the Buxton University Press imprint in March 2015, with cover art (Enochian Square by John Dee) by Cardinal Cox; it was the second volume from the Press.

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  • Preface by Paul Starling
  • Introduction by DJ Tyrer
  • The Travel of Epaenetus the Wise, or, The Missing Lord
    • Introduced by Julio Toro San Martin
    • Translated by Dr. Peter Kavanagh
  • A Lost Fragment Concerning The Testament of Carnamagos
    • Introduced by Frederick J. Mayer
    • Introduction to the Testament of Carnamagos by DJ Tyrer
    • Letters and Translation by Chrisophe des Laurieres
    • Journal Entry by Joseph Gordon
  • Selections from Cultes des Goules
    • Introduced by DJ Tyrer
    • Translated by Alexander Kreitner
  • Missing fragments from Noctuary of Sfatlicllp and a supplement to The Book of Cracked Jade
    • Introduced by Frederick J. Mayer
    • Translations by Frederick J. Mayer and Dr. Byron Thigpen Marsh
  • Notes taken from a drowned man's pockets
    • Introduced by Mark Howard Jones
  • E/E File: K:IY-0908
    • Introduced by Joseph Bouthiette, Jr.
  • Curse from Xastur Feminist Net
    • Introduction by DJ Tyrer
    • A Curse Calling Upon Xastur by Xastain01