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Neil K. Henderson is one of Atlantean Publishing's most regular contributors and has also contributed to issues of Tigershark ezine. Born in 1956 in Glasgow, Scotland, he is the son of artist and mountaineer Drummond Henderson (1900-1961) and maternal grandson of artist and illustrator Harry Keir (hence the K.), and has been submitting his own brand of idiosyncratically humorous and bizarre works of imaginative self-expression for publication since 1987. Many of his stories, poems and oddities have appeared in magazines of all descriptions in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Neil stubbornly resists categorisation by curling into a ball and begging to be left alone. If further pressed, he has been known to beg for spare change, five pound notes or a free lunch. Sometimes he will even do the pressing himself, in order to save time. Left to his own devices, Neil enjoys scampering through the hinterland of contemporary social unreality, dispersing thoughts through the holes in his butterfly net. Thus he has a fun time going nowhere, which he prefers to arriving at serious conclusions. Sometimes he tries to pretend he's an adult — but, so far, he hasn't fooled anybody.

He is the author of an anthology published by Atlantean, starring his consultant defective, um detective, Sherry Hormones: Hormones A-Go-Go and authored an edition of Xmas Bards, Smells Like Plastic Santas.

His most-recently published story in an Atlantean 'zine was Time Scales. He has also contributed to several issues of Tigershark ezine.