A frequent contributor to Atlantean Publishing, Nick Armbrister hails from the Greater Manchester/Lancashire area and loves writing. He has been writing since 1996, carving a successful career in the small-press poetry scene with appearances in the critically-acclaimed Earth Love nature 'zine and many lesser known 'zines, as well as poetry anthologies such as the series from Select Publications (Tilbury, Essex).

Although he was rather late going online, he has made it onto several sites and has a popular Facebook group. He has since produced his own anthologies of poetry and short stories, as well as two novels and starting a writing career in the romance/erotica genre. He can also sometimes be found at open mic events in his local pubs. Please make up your own mind on Nick's mad creativity.

Nick The ManEdit

Describing himself, Nick says, "I love tats and collect them, lol, and I have the pictures to prove it. I also have a love of 'planes, thanks to my dad's influence — I'm into weapons like missiles, jets, lasers and stories about ufos and secret 'planes that don't exist. One day I hope to find my rare, lost, early aircraft art and release a full-size picture book. I've been into goth music since the late '80s. I adore dark, clear evenings and nature when she is wild. I've read Sven Hassel since the mid '80s and Liz Hand since the early '90s, which are what inspired me to write. I'm alternative, and love anything goth, pagan, magical, etc. I also like history, mountains and anyone interesting, creative and fun. Like anyone else, I've got issues and, like many alternative people, I'm different and often misunderstood. I'm tolerant, but don't like to be preached to. I like beer, red wine and vodka, and love sexy goth gals with bare legs and pale faces. I like life."



  • Click here to view his books. They are all available online and can be ordered through good bookshops.

Collected WritingsEdit

  • Nick has put together his entire writing back catalogue in his four self-published books, containing an estimated 90% of his fifteen-plus years of writing.


  • Juniper's Daughter
  • Juniper's Daughter: Frontier Town


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