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Old Rossum's Book Of Practical Robots

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Old Rossum's Book of Practical Robots is an A5 multi-author poetry booklet, published in 2008, on the theme of robots.

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The TS Eliot-aping title comes from the happy accident that the word robot was introduced to the English language, and to science-fiction as a whole, through the 1920 Czech play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) by Karel Čapek, wherein the titular 'robot' factory was founded by a character known as...Old Rossum.

Cover art by Alan Hunter.

Internal art byAC Evans, Alan Hunter and Christopher Catt James.


  • Old Rossum's Book of Practical Robots
    A Parody by DJ Tyrer
    • The Naming of Robots
    • The Old Clanky Robot
    • Exterminator's Last Stand
    • The Rum Rum Robot
    • The Song of the Transistors
    • Mr Jones and Rapunzel
    • Old Deuteronomy Mk.7
    • Of The Awful Battles Of The Aliens And The Automatons
    • Mechanical Monstrosities
    • Robbie: The Rossum Robot
    • Rus: The Rusted Robot
    • Starman Jones: The Robot's Victim
    • Scumbleplunk: The Railway Robot
    • The Ad-dressing of Robots
    • Robot Robbie Introduces Himself
  • Greek Ware by Steve Sneyd
  • Next Gen by Vivien Foster
  • Schizophrenic by Ed Blundell
  • Computercorp by Blair H. Allen
  • Socialite by John Francis Haines
  • Forget Latex Love by LUV2288i, serial number 5377-01-23
  • End Result by DS Davidson
  • So by Bryn Fortey
  • Right Back To First Principles by Steve Sneyd
  • Rust by John Francis Haines
  • Home Help by Vivien Foster
  • Talus Talks by Steve Sneyd
  • Black Robots by John Francis Haines
  • HealthCo by DS Davidson
  • Click by Jean M. Hayward
  • In Service by Vivien Foster
  • The Impracticality Of A Positronic Brain by DS Davidson
  • Rover by John Francis Haines
  • How To Be a Robot by Blair H. Allen
  • Waiting For Two Legs by John Francis Haines
  • Silicon Love by DS Davidson


  • The poem Home Help was placed shared-third in the Data Dump Award 2009; Rover was also short-listed for the award and the poems In Service and So were long-listed.