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Doctor Who story by DJ Tyrer. Set shortly after The Mad God's Kitchen and immediately after Emperor's Pawn (for the 7th Doctor) and immediately after Time's Turning/The Game (for the 8th Doctor). Published in Monomyth 22.


The 7th Doctor and Ace visit the Irion holiday resort on the eighth moon of Tersurus, where Ace bumps into the 8th Doctor. Sam, the 8th Doctor's companion, meanwhile, is stuck with Joral Shann, a half-Ventian, half-Tersurian diplomat. Not realising who this Doctor is, Ace prepares to sleep with him, leading to her embarassment and Sam's upset when she enters the room. Slapping Ace, Sam runs from the room in tears before the Doctor can explain, but, hearing gunshots, she discovers Shann, injured. It seems his diplomacy has raised alien ire. Luckily, the Doctor and Ace arrive shortly afterwards to help.


  • At the beginning of the story, the Doctor is reading Voodoo Secrets of the Living Dead by Tim Smith, whilst at the end he is reading Doorways of Disappearance by Ken Longman, Tim's colleague.
  • Oolan Caluphid's opus is mentioned.
  • Ace reads about the Krikkit Wars in The Guide.