The Atlantean Publishing Wiki

There has been a succession of four (-ish) separate websites associated with Atlantean Publishing down the years, which have seen the press take its activities online in a variety of guises.

Monomyth annexe

Web Planet

Co-founder Richard Burman first created a webpage for Monomyth as a small annexe to his site 'The Web Planet' (which was mainly devoted to Doctor Who) in 1997-98, roughly a year after the magazine's debut. This was the first web presence of what came to be Atlantean Publishing. Originally his personal homepage at Aberystwyth University, this site was subsequently transferred lock, stock and barrel to Geocities in 2000 and remained there for nine years, albeit mostly in a state of stasis, until the demise of Geocities.

Awen e-zine

In 2000, the first four issues of Awen were available as an e-zine, via email, as part of Terror Tales and as a downloadable file from the Writers, Poets and Artists Website. Later, from May 2016, a pdf of Awen became available to download from the blog (following The Supplement, which was available from March 2016), bringing the magazine full circle!

DJ Tyrer's Geocities site

Atlantean website 1

As editor DJ Tyrer's range of print titles began to expand and coalesce into 'Atlantean Publishing', he placed Monomyth/Atlantean content on his personal Geocities homepage from about 1999, gradually creating the press's first proper online home. In 2004, he added Awen Online to the site, followed in 2005 by Review Supplemental.

The closure of Geocities forced the abandonment of the site, by now charmingly retro in a shambolic fashion, after a near-decade. Pages of information and the issues of those two online 'zines were moved to a new website on 29th June 2009.

First Atlantean Publishing website

Atlantean website 2

In 2009, the closure of Geocities led to the creation of the first website entirely dedicated to Atlantean Publishing, on Microsoft's 'Office Live' webspace. There was a greatly expanded amount of detail on Atlantean's activities, while the old issues of Awen Online and Review Supplemental were transferred across and new issues subsequently added.

The closure in turn of Office Live by Microsoft, though, meant that this website too ceased to exist around the end of April 2012.

New online avenues

Realising a long-held ambition, the Atlantean Publishing Wiki was inaugurated in October 2011, planned to become a repository of all available information relating to Atlantean's 15-year history, publications, contributors and content. It was intended to act as a supplementary resource alongside the then website. Soon after, though, the closure of Office Live was announced, at which point the wiki's development was accelerated and somewhat broadened to make it the new primary online presence of the press.

In early 2012, the Atlantean Publishing Facebook group was started, to provide an extra avenue of instant communication from and with the press.

In addition, an Atlantean Publishing blog was created in February 2012 as part of an expansion of Atlantean's online presence.

The replacement websites

Atlantean website 3

A prospective new site on Wix was tentatively created in February 2012 to replace the Office Live one, although it left a lot to be desired and was subsequently relegated to 'back-up' status. It is no longer active.

Following teething issues with this, an Atlantean website was set up at Blogspot, to supplement this wiki by holding contact details for the press and price details for its publications. On 8th March 2012 it went live and became the third different home for Awen Online, the back issues of which were transferred to new pages there prior to the adding of brand new issues.

This website ceased to be updated and all pertinent information, such as ordering and guidelines, were transfered to the blog, which is now also the official website for Atlantean Publishing and its central hub, including pdfs for download. Awen Online was replaced by View From Atlantis.


Awen Online was a webzine available on Atlantean Publishing websites. It was replaced by the webzine, View From Atlantis. Later, it was joined by the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal.