The Atlantean Publishing Wiki

Atlantean Publishing has maintained an online presence for some considerable time, with 2012 finding the press branching out into several avenues of web-based activity.


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A small website hosts the back issues of online magazine Awen Online (see below), as well as providing up-to-date prices for the current and recent output of the press. Much of the previous site's functionality has been transferred to the wiki:


This wiki was inaugurated in late 2011, originally just as a complementary resource, to provide extra information and a tour of Atlantean's history. With the announcement in early 2012 that Microsoft's Office Live (host of the press's previous website) would be closed, though, it was decided to incorporate much of that site's function into the wiki, and make this the primary online presence of the press.

Online 'zines

The two online 'zines that have been produced are:

  • Awen Online (issues currently held on the website; see above)
  • Review Supplemental (a 'best of' is currently held on the blog, together with new reviews; see below)


There is now also an Atlantean Publishing group on Facebook, where the most up-to-the-minute updates on the press's latest activities are posted — it's an open group, so all are welcome to just pop along and ask to join.


As of 13th February 2012, there is also an Atlantean Publishing blog, created on Wordpress and maintained by DJ Tyrer. This is now hosting a new incarnation of Review Supplemental, pieces on small-press publishing, writing tips and more.

Online history

There have been Atlantean-connected webpages, in one form or another, since the fairly early days of mass take-up of the Internet. The first was created in 1997 — when Monomyth was their sole magazine — and was part of co-founder Richard Burman's personal website at Aberystwyth University. Although it continued to exist for some time as a dedicated Monomyth homepage, the expansion of the press saw it superceded by the Atlantean Publishing pages on editor DJ Tyrer's personal Geocities website. When Geocities closed down, a new dedicated Atlantean Publishing site was created at Office Live and the contents of the online 'zines moved across. This was replaced in turn by the present site, with Awen Online coming along for the ride once more.