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Atlantean Publishing has released a variety of other publications in addition to its 'regular', ongoing 'zines. Some, such as The Bards, are continuing ranges also. Others are one-off collections of poetry or prose — though even among this group, the likes of Grail and The Dark Tower have spawned sequel volumes.
Each falls into one of three varieties of format, as listed:

The Bards 26

Bard-style, folded A4
single-sheet broadsides

Arcady 3rd ed

Multi-page A5
stapled chapbooks

Grail cover

Multi-page A4
bound anthologies

Three additional demi-classes of publication that also fall under the 'other' heading are as follows:
  • Not officially Atlantean products, but in some way connected, are Related Publications.
  • There have been a couple of truly stand-alone 'Specials', which resist classification elsewhere!
  • Buried within the vaults, furthermore, are some Aborted Publications that have never quite made it to completion.

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