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Phillip A. Ellis is an Australian poet, who is also both a freelance critic and scholar. In addition to writing about poetry he constructs bibliographies and concordances. His poetry collection, The Flayed Man, has been published by Gothic Press. He is working on another collection, called A Harvest, to appear through Diminuendo Press. This is close to completion. Another collection has been accepted by Hippocampus Press, which has also published his concordance to the poetry of Donald Wandrei. He is the editor of Melaleuca, a journal of international and Australian poetry. He has recently had Symptoms Positive and Negative, a chapbook of poetry about his experiences with schizophrenia, published by Picaro Press.

Phillip lives on the eastern seaboard of Australia, where he derives inspiration from the landscapes, environment, wildlife and people. He also loves to respond to Australian poetry, especially the poetry of poets that ranges from earlier poets such as Christopher Brennan, Kenneth Slessor, up until contemporaries such as John Tranter and Stuart Barnes. He also reads widely, finding his many interests a source of inspiration for his imagery.

Phillip's poetry relies on a strong emphasis on rhythm, sound, and other techniques. As a result, he has had over six hundred poems published both online and offline. Among the many places that have published his poetry are Jacket, Bluepepper, Freefall, and Contemporary Rhyme. A certain proportion of his poetry is speculative verse and weird verse, since the genre poetry of science fiction and fantasy is one of Phillip's many varied delights. He is also interested in exploring further both narrative verse and prose poetry. His work has appeared in the Tigershark e-zine.

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Data Dump Award[]

  • His poem The Exiled Starfarer Speaks was long-listed for the 2016 award.


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